Foundation Overview

Brooklyn Community Foundation aims to inspire local giving that supports and ignites community-led change in Brooklyn. 

Since its founding in 2009, Brooklyn Community Foundation and its donors have provided more than $20 million in grants to a broad range of nonprofits in the borough, fostering a holistic investment in communities through education and youth enrichment, environmental sustainability, economic development, affordable housing, social services, and access to the arts.  

The Foundation has an endowment of $60 million* and is governed by a thirteen-member Board of Directors.  

As New York City’s largest and fastest growing borough, Brooklyn is a center of vibrant culture, political power, and economic innovation. Yet for all of the benefits of Brooklyn’s prosperity, far too many residents are left out, or simply left behind, setting up a defining challenge for the borough’s first and only community foundation. The Foundation is committed to boosting the borough’s capacity to overcome these challenges by building upon community strength and experience.  

Cecilia Clarke joined the Foundation as its second President and CEO in Fall 2013. Under Cecilia's direction, the Foundation has launched the following new initiatives aimed at transforming philanthropy, community leadership, and board service in the borough: 

Brooklyn Insights:  A Boroughwide community engagement project that is bringing together leaders and advocates across disciplines to discuss the pressing needs of our communities, opportunities for change, and strategies for collective action. The project aims to connect residents with community stakeholders across economic, cultural, and social sectors so that we can move Brooklyn forward together. Results of this ambitious learning initiative will help guide the Foundation’s grant making and community leadership strategies for the future. 

Brooklyn Now: A leadership council of young professional ages 25 to 40.  Members gain deeper insight and experience into Brooklyn’s nonprofit sector while advancing giving among their peers. The group organizes site visits and briefings, and raises money through membership fees and fundraising events which they use in an annual grants program. 

Donor Advised Funds: In addition to annual fundraising that supports operations and grantmaking, the Foundation is also developing a donor advised fund business to better serve donors and stimulate philanthropy in the borough. Opening a fund offers donors a unique opportunity to connect directly with grant making and the excellent community-based work happening across the borough. 


For more information, please contact:  

Donor & Annual Giving Inquiries: Alex Villari - 718.246.6886 /  
Media Inquiries: Liane Stegmaier - 718.246.6882 /
* $60 million in endowment funds as of 12/31/13