Governance & Financials

Governing Documents

Brooklyn Community Foundation and the activities of its board members and staff are governed by these two documents:

Financial Information

Additional Information

Conflict of Interest Policy

Independence is required of all board members and staff of the Foundation. Each individual completes and signs a conflict of interest survey annually. When the staff proposes that the foundation fund an organization with which a trustee or staff members is affiliated as an employee, officer or trustee, the grant review document discloses the nature of the affiliation and confirms that the member of the board or staff played no role in the initiation or negotiation of the grant.

Section 12 of the Bylaws state “Any potential conflict of interest which could result in a direct or indirect financial or personal benefit of a director, officer, or staff member must be disclosed in good faith and made known to the Board of Director, or committee authorizing the grant, contract or other transaction. The interested party may not participate to any extent of the Board of Directors meeting or committee meeting considering such grant, but will retire from the room from which the Board of Directors, or a committee thereof is meeting prior to the commencement of discussion thereof.  Such interested individual may not vote on such grant, contract or other transaction.”