Faces of Brooklyn

Igniting a Neighborhood Rennaissance by Investing in Local Leadership and Fresh Ideas

Since 1998, the Brooklyn Community Foundation has supported organizations in Red Hook developing innovative approaches to youth empowerment, community development, the arts, elderly care, and environmental issues.

The relationship between the Brooklyn Community Foundation and the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island began years ago, before the Community Foundation even had its name.

It’s 1:30 pm, and people sit scattered at tables around the Community Cafe at Neighbors Together, a soup kitchen and community organization in Ocean Hill. A man walks through the door and greets another dressed in a blue sweatshirt, hunched over a steaming plate of pasta with meat sauce.

Who has the right to tell their story? That question lies at the heart of the mission of the New York Writers Coalition. The answer, they think, is “everyone.”

After 30 years, millions of dollars, and countless coats of paint, St. Nick’s Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to the revitalization of North Brooklyn, finally cut the ribbon at the Renaissance Center, their new headquarters and arts center on the former Greenpoint Hospital campus.

Mark Morris’ choreography has appeared on stages from Lincoln Center to London’s Royal Opera House. But the work of the Mark Morris Dance Group goes beyond award-winning performances.