New York Capacity Building Collaborative Workshops

The New York Capacity Building Collaborative provides free trainings to nonprofit grantees of Brooklyn Community Foundation, Andrus Family Fund, Cricket Island Foundation, Daphne Foundation, Korean American Community Foundation, Mertz Gilmore Foundation, New York Foundation, New York Women's Foundation, North Star Fund, Scherman Foundation, and Stonewall Community Foundation.

If you are a current grantee, we encourage you to apply to participate in these upcoming events:

City Hall 201: Advocacy in Action

Date and Time: Thursday, March 29th, 2018, 9 AM - 2 PM
Location: Midtown

Who Should Attend: Community organizers and advocates, especially those who are familiar with New York City’s legislative and budget processes. First priority will be given to participants of the City Hall 101: Advocacy workshop that took place on February 26th, 2018. Only one representative from each organization is invited to attend. Your registration will be confirmed by email.

Deadline to apply: Thursday, March 22nd, 2018. 

The new Presidential Administration has been in office for a year, Mayor de Blasio has been reelected to a second term, the City Council is under new leadership, and statewide elections are later this year. Now is an ideal time to reflect on what we have learned about influencing City officials and to strategize on how to position advocacy efforts after the Presidential election. Advocacy in Action is an interactive workshop that explores how to effectively impact policy agendas and decisions, especially during an election year. You will be more prepared to advocate for your community during this unique moment in the nation and the city.

City Hall 201: Advocacy in Action builds on the City Hall 101: Advocacy is for Everyone workshop from February 26th, 2018. Recognizing the context of the new Presidential Administration, this advocacy workshop will provide you with additional strategies and learnings to successfully influence the Mayoral Administration and City Council leadership. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss how to develop a successful campaign, gaining practical skills and knowledge on building coalitions and mobilizing community members, communicating key messages and framing solutions, and increasing power and cultivating relationships with policymakers. If you were unable to attend City Hall 101 and would like to attend City Hall 201, we ask that you have knowledge of city, state, and federal elected officials, how a bill becomes a law in NYC, and how the budget in NYC gets made. 

Advocacy in Action aims to:

  • Identify learnings from the first four years of the Mayoral Administration and build relationships with the new Council Leadership.
  • Strengthen your ability to develop and implement a campaign.
  • Improve your coalition building, community organizing, messaging, and power analysis skills.
  • Provide opportunities to strategize advocacy efforts that support your community, especially after the citywide election and during a statewide election year.

Wayne Ho and Emily Miles will facilitate the workshop. Wayne is the President & CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC), the nation's largest Asian American social services agency. Emily is the Chief Program & Policy Officer of FPWA, a 94-year-old anti-poverty organization with a membership network of 200 community and faith-based agencies. Both have extensive experience and successes in implementing advocacy campaigns in New York.

For more information, contact Wayne Ho at or Emily Miles at


Advocacy by Nonprofit Organizations in Compliance With the Law

When: April 18, 2018, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm (breakfast and lunch will be served)
Where: Midtown  
Who Should Attend: Executive Directors, senior staff, and organizers 
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 4. Space is limited and will be determined on a first come first serve basis.

Nonprofit organizations play an essential role in our democracy by helping their communities communicate with government decisionmakers. Nonprofits can do this work. But they need to be knowledgeable about the types of advocacy that fall under the IRS’ lobbying limit, or that trigger an obligation to register as a lobbyist. 

This workshop will describe what nonprofits can do in keeping with their tax-exempt status. It will also provide practical ways to comply with federal, state and local laws that require registration and reporting by organizations that engage in a substantial amount of lobbying. Participants will have opportunities to share strategies they are using to maximize advocacy while minimizing administrative burdens.

Covered topics include:  

  • When does it count as lobbying to seek City Council discretionary funding or participate in a rally?
  • How can 501(c)(3) organizations lobby for themselves and their communities consistent with the Internal Revenue Code?
  • When and how must lobbying activity be reported to New York State and New York City?
  • What is the difference between "direct lobbying" and "grass roots lobbying"?
  • Do organizations ever have to report tweets by their employees or members?


*Help us plan an upcoming Lawyers Alliance workshop!*

In addition to the April workshop, "Advocacy by Nonprofit Organizations in Compliance With the Law," the Lawyers Alliance will offer an additional training through the NYC Capacity Building Collaborative this year. We’d love your feedback on which of the following topics you would find most useful:

  • Working Together: Legal Issues for Advocacy Coalitions
  • Moving from Startup to Established: Legal Compliance for Growing Nonprofits
  • Creative Nonprofit Revenue Generation: Legal Compliance Related to Fundraising and Fee-for-Service Activities

To see a description of the topics and to rank your workshop preferences, please fill out this very short survey by Wednesday, April 4.  


These trainings are free to grantees of the Andrus Family Fund, Brooklyn Community Foundation, Cricket Island Foundation, Daphne Foundation, Korean American Community Foundation, Mertz Gilmore Foundation, New York Foundation, New York Women's Foundation, North Star Fund, Scherman Foundation, and Stonewall Community Foundation.