Jennifer Magida
Founder and Director, Youth Advocacy Corps

As the Founder of Youth Advocacy Corps, I feel especially fortunate to have been selected by the Brooklyn Community Foundation to be part of the 2017 Incubator Project.

Liane Stegmaier
Vice President of Communications and Strategy

In February, we announced that our Immigrant Rights Fund would support ongoing civil resistance and organizing efforts—including community-building, bystander training, public education, action planning, and event logistics—through a new Action Fund with grants up to $2,500.

Kei Williams
Project Coordinator, Movement Netlab

Movement Netlab applied for Brooklyn Community Foundation’s Incubator Project late in the game, and as such we were truly surprised when we got the call back to come in for interview. 

Kaberi Banerjee-Murthy
Vice President of Programs

The New York Civil Liberties Union has published a stunning analysis of new data made public through the Student Safety Act, which requires the New York City Police Department to issue quarterly reports on arrests, summonses, and other police-involved incidents in New York City public schools.

Liane Stegmaier
Vice President of Communications and Strategy
Foundation President and CEO Cecilia Clarke joined VP of Programs Kaberi Banerjee Murthy and Senior Program Officer Prachi Patankar to discuss our major milestones, including the Immigrant Rights Fund and criminal justice advocacy victories.

When we launched our Immigrant Rights Fund, we committed to easing the burden on nonprofits seeking support by focusing on responsive conversations rather than a lengthy application process. Our Senior Program Officer Prachi Patankar shares 6 key takeaways from these conversations so far.