Our Strategy

Brooklyn Community Foundation launched the Brooklyn Insights project in 2014 to learn directly from residents about the borough’s key challenges and opportunities for action. More than 1,000 residents helped to identify five major priorities for the Foundation—Youth, Neighborhood Cohesion, Criminal Justice, Immigrant Communities, and Racial Justice—as well as a new charge to spark lasting social change for a fair and just Brooklyn.

Building on these findings, Brooklyn Community Foundation has launched three distinct core strategies that enable us to be a transformative force for Brooklyn:


The Foundation’s primary grantmaking and community leadership initiative focuses on creating better opportunities and a stronger future for Brooklyn’s next generation. Grants and special initiatives support youth development and leadership programs, youth justice reforms, and increased services and advocacy for immigrant youth and families.​


The Foundation is developing a new resident-led grantmaking model that addresses key concerns identified by community stakeholders in under-resourced neighborhoods. Launched in Crown Heights, the Foundation’s home since 2014, the initiative has expanded to include Sunset Park in its second year.​


A hub for strengthening Brooklyn’s vibrant nonprofit sector. Includes the annual Spark Prize for Brooklyn nonprofits, the Incubator Project for startup organizations within the Foundation’s office, board training and matching, and resources and information that provide capacity building for local nonprofits.

Focus on Racial Justice

We define Racial Justice as the systemic distribution of power, opportunities, and access for people of all races that should lead to equitable outcomes for all. Working closely with a committee of national and local experts, we have developed an institution-wide Racial Justice Lens. This tool  ensures that we consider race while we analyze problems, look for solutions, and define success in our grantmaking, governance, and advocacy initiatives.

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