Webinar Series

To keep our supporters informed on the critical work of our Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund, we have launched a webinar series covering the scope and impact of the Fund across the borough. Watch past webinars and RSVP for upcoming talks below.


June 4: Effects of COVID-19 on Older Adults 
12:25PM | RSVP

Older adults across the country and around the world are at a heightened risk of contracting and becoming seriously ill from COVID-19, often facing life-threatening complications from the spread of the disease. Brooklyn has the largest population of older adults of any county in New York state—13.5 percent of the borough’s population—and more than one in five live below the poverty line. The urgent needs of older Brooklynites are varied, from those who are homebound and/or depend on the care of in-home health workers, to those who are immuno-compromised or whose mobility is otherwise limited. Older adults in the borough are particularly susceptible to the impacts of COVID-19, and many may experience food insecurity and other hardships as a result of the pandemic. We will be joined in conversation by Allison Nickerson,  Executive Director of Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund grantee LiveOn NY.


March 26: Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund Overview

In this conversation between our President and CEO Cecilia Clarke and VP of Programs and Partnerships Marcella Tillett, they explain the approach of our Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund, what we’re learning, and how the generosity of our donors is literally saving lives. WATCH HERE

April 9: Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Undocumented Communities   

Foundation President and CEO Cecilia Clarke, Program Officer Sabrina Hargrave, and Lorena Kourousias, Executive Director of Mixteca Organization discuss the latest on the Fund and the impact of this crisis on undocumented immigrants. WATCH HERE

April 23: COVID-19 and the Deepening Crisis of Domestic Violence

Survivors of domestic violence and intimate partner violence  are extremely vulnerable at this time, both those who are sheltering in place with their abusers and those who are now in emergency shelters. COVID-19 will intensify the needs of survivors, especially within communities of color. In this conversation between our President and CEO Cecilia Clarke, Program Officer Amy Chou Sheikh, and Executive Director of Sakhi for South Asian Women, Kavita Mehra, they discuss our Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund and the implications of the public health crisis on domestic violence.  WATCH HERE

May 7: Labor and COVID-19: Impact on Low-wage Workers

While New Yorkers are urged to practice social distancing in accordance with shelter-in-place orders, low-wage workers—many of whom are essential workers and people of color—simply do not have that option. Low-wage workers may experience food insecurity, loss of wages, and limited access to healthcare, paid sick leave, and public benefits—further complicating a precarious financial situation. From home healthcare workers to street vendors, janitors to workers in the food service, low-wage workers across sectors are facing extreme economic vulnerability and exposure to infection, making them especially susceptible to the short- and long-term impacts of the ongoing public health crisis. In this conversation with Foundation President and CEO Cecilia Clarke, VP of Programs and Partnerships Marcella Tillett, and Mohamed Attia, Director of the Street Vendor Project, they discuss the latest on our Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund and the impact of this crisis on low-wage workers. WATCH HERE

May 21: The Impact of COVID-19 on Black Communities​

In this conversation, Heather McGhee, author of the forthcoming book The Sum of Us, and Lurie Daniel-Favors, Interim Executive Director and General Counsel at the Center for Law and Social Justice discuss the impact of COVID19 on communities of color, especially the Black community, and how the Foundation prioritizes communities of color in all of its grantmaking. WATCH HERE