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Know an educator with a bright idea?

The Pelican Foundation for Creative Education, a donor advised fund at Brooklyn Community Foundation, provides grants of up to $500 to middle and high school teachers for innovative projects that engage students and enhance their curriculum. The fund support creative educational projects in all subject areas. Collaborations between disciplines are encouraged to apply.


The Pelican Foundation was formed to honor the memory and work of Fred Rubino, former principal of IS 318 and District 14 Superintendent. Fred is remembered for his wonderful encouragement of teachers to use the arts to enrich the standard curriculum. 

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"As I consider that the world no longer has a Fred Rubino, I am deeply saddened. I am sad for his family, who got to experience his joyful outlook on an everyday basis. And most of all I am sad for future generations of Brooklyn kids, who by rights should have had a Fred Rubino making sure that they enjoy the educational experiences they deserve for several more decades. Fred’s early passing is a great loss for all of Brooklyn, whether most of the borough appreciates that or not. All I can do to make myself feel a little bit better about his passing is to make sure that I keep bringing that passion into my own teaching, and spread a bit of Fred around for as many days as I have left."

- Chris Jensen, Associate Professor of Science at Pratt Institute

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Fred Rubino is remembered for his wonderful encouragement of teachers to use the arts to enrich the standard curriculum