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One Year, Thousands of Lives Impacted by Your Generosity

Dear Friends and Partners,

Today marks one year since we launched our Immigrant Rights Fund in partnership with our donors—a $1 million commitment to defending the rights, safety, and stability of Brooklyn’s immigrant communities under the new Presidential administration.

At the time, we couldn’t have imagined all of the trauma, destabilization, and unjust policy changes that our communities have since endured.

And yet, the Immigrant Rights Fund has been able to respond quickly and effectively at every turn, thanks to the generosity of donors like you who directly funded $425,000 in grants this year. Below are highlights of the work made possible by the Fund.

I am also asking you to please consider a year-end donation to this important effortas the need not only continues, but seems to grow more critical every day. 

Generosity in Action

We designed the Immigrant Rights Fund to take on immediate emergency needs, as well as long-term challenges facing our immigrant communities, ensuring a steady stream of ongoing support.

The Fund has also focused on the everyday emergencies that are now a reality for Brooklyn immigrants under increased threat of deportation—and the tireless frontline nonprofits working on their behalf that are providing ongoing legal services, public advocacy, mental health services, and community safety.

This support has enabled The Center for Family Life in Sunset Park to design a training for parents at risk of deportation, helping them to create a safety plan for their children who are citizens and will be left behind, often without warning.

Today, we are also announcing an additional $65,000 in Sustained Response grants to four organizations: Emma’s Torch—a culinary arts training program for refugees, Churches United for Fair Housing—for services to immigrants in Bushwick, Womankind—frontline support for immigrant survivors of domestic violence in Sunset Park, and Queer Detainee Empowerment Project—advocacy for LGBTQ immigrants at risk of deportation in detention centers.

And last but certainly not least, we created an Action Fund to support mobilizations, marches, workshops, and trainings that are essential civil resistance tools for activists and advocates—including the joyful Stomp Out the Muslim Ban dance protest in October organized by young women from the Arab American Family Support Center. Throughout the year these small grants have been turned around, in most cases in less than one week. 

Pledge Your Continued Support for
Brooklyn’s Immigrants

Give to Brooklyn

We have a long way to go toward fulfilling our original $1 million commitment. But we know we can get there—and far surpass it—with your support. Frankly, we don’t have a choice. The need has far outpaced what we anticipated, but we know Brooklyn will rise up to meet it.

In this season of giving, we urge you to think of the immigrant families in our communities who are desperately relying on the services of grassroots nonprofits, made possible by the generosity of their neighbors like you.

Make a gift to the Immigrant Rights Fund today

Thank you,

Cecilia Clarke


We have a long way to go toward fulfilling our original $1 million commitment. But we know we can get there—and far surpass it—with your support.