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We Look to the Future with Hope: Please Support Our Annual Appeal

Dear friend of Brooklyn Community Foundation:

While it’s easy to feel discouraged during this time of intense national discord, I promise you can find hope and inspiration right in your own backyard. As evidenced by the results of the mid-term elections—especially the unprecedented number of women and people of color voted into office—grassroots, community-based leadership is forging a new way forward. Nowhere is this truer than here in Brooklyn.

Please support local leaders and local nonprofits. 

Give where you live.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are increasing our investment in courageous leaders, advocating for more just policies, and mobilizing capital for our neighbors and our borough. 

As we reflect on this past year, we are proud to celebrate hard-won victories and the determined strength of our community:

When families were separated at the border and their children displaced to New York City, our Immigrant Rights Fund grantees were able to fight for reunification because of our emergency support.  

From the movement to close Rikers Island to the campaign to make Brooklyn count in Census 2020—we stood beside frontline activists striving for justice and equity.

Today, thousands of young people have a brighter future thanks to our nonprofit partners who work continuously to stop over-criminalization, provide new job and educational opportunities, and most importantly, develop the next generation of Brooklyn-born leaders. 

We look to the future with hope.

Our vision of a fair and just Brooklyn is not just a dreamit is a certainty. But we must continue to join together to invest in local leaders and inspiring nonprofits. While the country is divided on critical issues, we’ve seen that giving unites us and leads to victories. And we know local victories lead to national change.  

100% of your donation will go directly to communities in Brooklyn. Please give locally and give generously. Give where you live.


Cecilia C. Clarke
President & CEO