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What does justice look like for Brooklyn?

As we demand an end to police brutality and respond to the destructive impact of COVID-19 in communities of color, we should also ask: What does safety, health, and justice look like for Brooklyn?

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, each year we invest in and help strengthen hundreds of grassroots, community-led organizations working towards a collective vision of equity and racial justice.

These organizations are promoting restorative justice and healing rather than criminal justice. They are giving young people the tools to be leaders for change. They are creating mutual aid networks and new ways of getting resources to neighbors in need. They are protecting the rights and security of immigrants. They are advocating to shift the distribution of power and funding toward education, healthcare, housing, the environment, and so much more. 

Through our Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund, we are also fueling a racially just response to the pandemic in our communities, supporting the emergency efforts of 173 organizations to date. This week’s new grants include support for:

  • La Nueva Esperanza for emergency financial assistance and PPE for undocumented, unstably housed Black and Latinx residents living with HIV in Bushwick and Williamsburg.
  • Project EATS to provide Brownsville and East New York residents with locally-grown produce⁠—with the added support of youth employees, a community newsletter, and contactless community activities.
  • Domestic Workers United for ongoing support for members through virtual town halls, technology to keep members connected, and emergency food assistance.

VIew All COVID-19 Grants to Date

As we look ahead to the next phase of this work, we will be asking the experts—communities of color most impacted by the pandemic and by unfair policies—what a fair and just reimagining and rebuilding of Brooklyn looks like to them. No longer can we accept a “return to normal” when we know that the norm is unjust.

Join us in the ongoing fight for racial justice: support this critical work with a generous donation. 100% of every dollar raised will go to organizations fighting for justice in Brooklyn.