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In 13 Days, We Start a New Chapter

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, we as a country witnessed an unprecedented assault on the heart of American democracy, led by white nationalists whose actions were incited by the President and allowed to proceed with a stunning lack of resistance by law enforcement. 

These events are yet another reminder of what we are up against as we fight for a true democracy that gives each of us an equally valued and honored voice, to dismantle deeply embedded racist systems and structures, and to build power in communities that have had their votes—and very humanity—cast aside. 

In 13 days we start a new chapter of American history, led by courageous organizers and movement builders who have not given up on their belief in a better future for us all.

We pledge that Brooklyn Community Foundation will be fearless and outspoken in our collective pursuit of this vision, so that all who call Brooklyn and America home can prosper and thrive. 

As we do this work together, we acknowledge the pain and horror of yesterday’s events, and we encourage all of you to take care of yourselves and our community with love and respect.

There is a long road ahead, but we remain steadfastly optimistic that justice and decency will prevail.

In Gratitude,
Cecilia Clarke
President & CEO

Racial Justice Lens