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A Black Lives Matter march across the Brooklyn Bridge, 2020

Values-based Giving with a Donor Advised Fund

As social consciousness has increased over the last few years, many people have become more interested in how they can make a difference through their philanthropic activities, whether that includes giving to favorite charities, volunteering, serving on boards of directors, purchasing products that support a cause, or respecting a sustainable environment.

As donors grow more in tune with social impact, they are looking to structure and plan their charitable giving around the causes that they are passionate about, and are considering ways to incorporate philanthropy into financial and estate plans. One tool to consider is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at Brooklyn Community Foundation, a charitable investment account through which your assets have the potential to grow tax-free. Our DAFs provide a powerful, tax-efficient vehicle to maximize your impact while investing in your community—with the flexibility to give wherever you want, at your own pace.

Our team works to facilitate your charitable giving—we take care of all of the administrative aspects of your fund, including managing its investment so that your charitable assets may continue to grow over time—allowing you to focus on your impact in the community. Read on to see how a Donor Advised Fund at Brooklyn Community Foundation can help you support the causes you care about.

Helping You Honor Causes Close to Your Heart

Whether you’re a steadfast supporter of a few organizations or want to discover new nonprofits, you’ll find that our grantmaking history and strong community relationships make us the go-to partner in Brooklyn. With that in mind, the Foundation is here to help you stay up to date with giving trends and organizations sparking change in Brooklyn and beyond, with philanthropic advising services to meet your interests and the causes that are close to your heart—whether you give locally or nationally. There is so much to celebrate and support right now, and with Caribbean American Heritage Month, LGBTQIA+ Pride, and Juneteenth all falling in this month, our team can help you honor these celebrations through a gift from your DAF to nonprofits that serve and are led by these communities.

Service You Can Trust: Our Due Diligence & Anti-Hate Policy

Brooklyn Community Foundation is also here to help you give with intention as you create your philanthropic plans and build on your legacy of giving. Our team of experts closely reviews every nonprofit before grants are distributed, meaning you can be sure that your donations support trusted organizations in full compliance with state and national regulations.

Additionally in accordance with our Anti-Hate Policy, we conduct careful due diligence on all of our grantmaking and will not make grants to organizations that support or promote hate, racism, or violence, or that engage in activities that are in opposition to the dignity and equality of all persons. Our Donor Advised Fund program is built upon developing relationships with values-aligned donors, who share our vision for social change, who want their fund fees to directly support our grantmaking for racial justice in Brooklyn, and who rely on our Anti-Hate policy to ensure that they do not inadvertently support hate groups

You can trust in our team to work with your values in mind—and you can rest assured that our modest 1% administrative fee directly supports grantmaking for racial justice across Brooklyn, making your fund an investment rooted in community.  

To learn more about Donor Advised Funds and how they can help you or your clients give with intention, contact our Donor Services team at

Melissa Pawlak

Donor Services Manager (She/Her/Hers)
Our Anti-Hate Policy is just one way we ensure that your charitable giving is aligned according to your values.