Community Health Outreach and Support Grants

The deadline for this opportunity has passed


Brooklyn Community Foundation launched the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund in March 2020 to address the health, economic, and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fund is deeply rooted in our values of racial equity and centers our racial justice lens, which prioritizes support for nonprofits that are led by members of affected communities, and centers the voices of those directly impacted by structural racism in decision-making. We do this because we understand that our most vulnerable communities already exist at the margins of power and access due to historical and systemic denial of adequate resources. 

In the Fund's first phase, we awarded over $3 million to frontline organizations responding to immediate needs, as well as to sustain Brooklyn-based nonprofits' critical services and programs. In addition, we provided a range of capacity building services focused on accessing the Paycheck Protection Program, sharing strategies for crisis fundraising, risk management, sustainability, financial planning systems, forecasting, leadership and management. 

From December 2020 - February 2021, the Foundation held Brooklyn Insights 2020, a community engagement process of listening sessions with over 200 community members co-hosted with community-led organizations, to inform the next phase of the Fund. The process focused on the voices of residents, largely from communities of color, who shared their experiences and needs exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as strategies to address systemic injustices and provide direct relief. 

During the listening sessions, participants from across geographic locations and demographic groups consistently expressed a need for culturally relevant, medically accurate COVID-19 education and support. In response, we have created Community Health Outreach & Support grants. 


The Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund’s Community Health Outreach and Support grants will provide single-year funding of up to $10,000 to approximately 25 groups working in the following areas: 
  • Creating safer spaces for conversations with community members and credible messengers on COVID-19 related community health concerns. 
  • Outreach, engagement, and education activities to provide culturally relevant, medically accurate information about COVID-19 prevention, testing, vaccines and related issues to support community members' ability to make informed health decisions.   
  • Navigation support to people interested in accessing COVID-19 related health services, such as vaccines, including scheduling appointments, providing transportation/supporting transportation costs, among other services.
This funding is available to support the following communities: 
  • Priority Community Districts: Bedford Stuyvesant (CD 3), Bushwick (CD 4), East New York (CD 5), Sunset Park (CD 7), Crown Heights North (CD 8), Crown Heights South (CD 9), Coney Island (CD 13), Brownsville (CD 16), Flatbush (CD 14), East Flatbush (CD 17)
  • Priority Populations: Older adults; Black, indigenous, and people of color; immigrants; low-wage and nontraditional workers; people with compromised immune systems; people who are unhoused and housing insecure; people who are formerly or currently incarcerated; people who are LGBTQIAGNC+; and people experiencing domestic violence. 
Grantees will be required to submit a simple report at the conclusion of the grant year and will be encouraged to participate in a closing convening to discuss the impact of the grant. 


The Foundation is looking for organizations interested in partnering with us and other Community Health Outreach and Support grantees in sharing strategies and strengthening the ecosystem of organizations working to respond to the impact of COVID-19 in Brooklyn. We will encourage learning, information sharing, and collaboration by convening grantees for a community of practice with expert technical assistance, that leads with racial equity and uses an intersectional approach that recognizes the way systems of oppression contribute to health and social inequities.
Additionally, the Foundation offers capacity building support in the following areas: racial justice, fundraising, strategic communications, board development, executive transition, financial management, advocacy, direct action, community organization, and leadership development.


In reviewing proposals, we will give preference to organizations that:
  • Use a racial justice lens in their work. Organizations consider inequities based on race and their impact in designing programs, looking for solutions and defining success;
  • Center the voices and leadership of community members. Organizations craft solutions to problems and work in authentic partnership with community members to actively engage those most impacted in directing their own lives and shaping their own communities, and building the capacity of emerging leaders in their organizations; 
  • Acknowledge intersecting oppressions. Organizations understand how multiple oppressions impact one another and the lives of the people with whom they work;
  • Work on the frontlines of issues. Organizations that are grassroots and doing work on the ground and at the community level.


To be eligible to apply, an organization must:
  • Be incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or be working under the auspices of an authorized fiscal sponsor;
  • Have a minimum annual budget of $50,000 or submit an application to work in partnership with an organization that does. Grant awards will not exceed 10% of the applying organization’s annual budget.
  • Have an office or a regular physical presence in Brooklyn
Please note that we do not fund the following:
  • Individuals
  • Capital campaigns
  • Schools (public, private, or charter)


  1. Friday, February 26, 2021: Community Health Outreach and Support Grant Guidelines Released
  2. Monday, March 8, 2021 at 12pm: Informational Webinar & Application Clinic. Stream the Recording and Download the Slides
  3. Friday, March 26, 2021 at 5pm: Deadline for organizations to submit an application. 
  4. Friday, April 2, 2021: Award decisions announced
  5. TBD: Community of Practice initial meeting 


The online application includes:
  • Brief organizational background questions. 
  • Brief narrative summary questions. 
Online applications are due at 5PM on Friday, March 26, 2021. Late submissions will not be considered.
Please direct all questions to with ‘Community Health Outreach’ in the subject line.


Who is eligible to submit an application for the Community Outreach Health and Support RFP?
We encourage all 501c3 organizations working with any populations directly affected by the onslaught of coronavirus to submit an application.

Is there a budget restriction for applications?
No, we encourage all 501c3 organizations, regardless of BCF grantee status to apply.

Are there other resources available for organizations working in areas of health education for example, vaccine hesitation?
Yes, you can find other useful resources here as well:

  • Roll Up Your Sleeves New York: A task force created to ensure the vaccine is readily accessible to Black New Yorkers and address concerns in Black communities about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Vaccine Command Center website includes up to date information on vaccine eligibility, progress and vaccine sites as well as fact sheets with important medical information regarding the vaccine.
  • The City’s Speaker’s Bureau: medical professionals that can speak to the safety and the efficacy of the vaccine, also available to host “train the trainer” sessions so that organization staff is equipped with the tools and resources to educate and help individuals access the vaccine. Please email

Would you require a program budget for the application being submitted?
No, only the questions asked in the application need to be submitted with the application for the Community Health and Outreach Support RFP.

What is the largest grant award size for this cycle of grantmaking?
All grants awarded through this cycle of grants will be for $25,000 and will be awarded to up to 25 organizations across the borough.

Must the proposed project being supported only involve vaccine education?
We emphasize that the project being proposed should focus on all services co-related to access to the vaccine. While the Foundation is aware that there are several issues related to the impact of the pandemic, through this stream of funding, the Foundation is focusing on vaccine education. We encourage you to check out “our other grantmaking opportunities” related to supporting other direct services around the borough.

What is a Community of Practice?
We will provide our selected grantee partner organizations with an opportunity to convene to share the work they intend to carryout with the Community Health Outreach and Support grant. This will also provide awarded organizations with the chance to have targeted technical assistance as well.

Can two organizations partner in submitting an application?
Yes, but the grant will be awarded to the primary organization applying for funding.

Can you apply for this grant if you submitted an application for another Brooklyn Community Foundation grant?
Yes, we encourage all eligible applicants to submit proposals for any RFP opportunity published by the Foundation.

Where can I submit questions about this application process?
Please reach out to with any questions.