Establishing a Fund at Brooklyn Community Foundation

By opening a Donor Advised Fund at Brooklyn Community Foundation, you can support the charities you care about in Brooklyn, or any domestic nonprofit of your choice.

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable investment account through which your assets have the potential to grow tax-free. Created with a single tax-deductible donation of cash, stock, or real estate, you can name your fund and give at your own pacewe manage the rest.


Benefits of a Donor Advised Fund

  • Simplify your giving
  • Receive an immediate tax deduction
  • Give at your own pace
  • Recommend grants to any domestic 501c3 nonprofit
  • Invest your Fund tax-free
  • Enjoy hassle-free administration

Your Fund Enables You to:

  • Support Organizations You Care About: Your Fund is the most efficient way to support all of the organizations you care about through one simple channel.
  • Optimize Your Tax Benefits: Take an immediate deduction for up to 60% of your Adjusted Gross Income on cash gifts, or up to 30% for gifts of appreciated securities. You may also avoid capital gains by making a gift of appreciated securities. Deductions may be taken all in one year or carried over for up to five years.
  • Establish a Family Legacy: Your Fund allows you to build a powerful legacy that can be shared with your spouse or partner and passed down to your children and grandchildren.
  • Diversify Your Giving: Our staff of experts can send you customized research on Brooklyn nonprofits that fits your interests.
  • Co-Invest with Others: Use your Fund to align your giving with the Foundation’s Community Fund and other like-minded donors.

We Offer Multiple Fund Options:

The Brooklyn Advantage

Whether you’re a steadfast supporter of a few organizations or you want to discover new nonprofits, you’ll find that our grantmaking history and strong community relationships make us the go-to partner in Brooklyn. Fund holders rely on our local expertise. With grantmaking roots in Brooklyn since 1998, we’ve distributed nearly $100 million to hundreds of nonprofits in the metro area. Today, 60% of outgoing grants from our Donor Advised Funds stay in Brooklyn. Through our full-service, boutique approach, we offer:

  • Guidance on local issues and philanthropic strategies
  • Customized research on nonprofits that match your interests
  • Educational events and workshops with experts on community issues
  • Opportunities to co-invest alongside likeminded donors in our strategic grantmaking and leadership initiatives

We can also help you with planned giving and bequests to leave a philanthropic legacy in Brooklyn and support your community far into the future.

1% for Brooklyn

Every Fund at Brooklyn Community Foundation supports our overall mission for a fair and just Brooklyn. Starting at 1%, annual Fund fees go directly back to Brooklyn’s communities through grantmaking and special initiatives of our Community Fund. Fund holders choose us for this unmatched commitment to Brooklyn. Join them and help build generosity at home and beyond. 

Commitment to Racial Justice

We are here to work with you, our partners, to dramatically increase funding for Black-led and other people of color-led organizations on the frontlines of the fight for social change, knowing that those who are closest to the challenges faced by our communities are closest to the solutions for our communities. Learn more.

Anti-Hate Policy

We will not make grants to organizations that support or promote hate, racism, or violence, or that engage in activities that are in opposition to the dignity and equality of all persons. The Foundation relies on data crosschecked from various sources to determine if a nonprofit falls into one of these categories, and all grants are made at the Foundation’s discretion.

Get Started Today:

Establishing a Fund is easy and can be set up in less than a week. Contact us to learn more:

Sarah Shannon, Chief Operating Officer
T: 718.480.7501