Immigrant Rights Fund - Action Fund

The Immigrant Rights Fund will support both the immediate and long-term needs of immigrants in our borough and across New York City, while strengthening collaboration among immigrant-serving and ally nonprofits.

The Action Fund offers support for ongoing civil resistance and organizing efforts—including community-building, bystander training, public education, action planning, and event logistics—with grants up to $2,500.

Grants will be offered on a rolling basis for immigrant-led and immigrant-serving efforts, and will be awarded to nonprofits or fiscally sponsored groups.

Applicants will be asked to respond to the following questions

  1. Please describe the nature of action, event or project.
  2. What is the anticipated impact of the action, event or project?
  3. Please include estimated breakdown of costs by line item.
  4. Please describe the community you wish to engage. Include details including demographics of the community served such as racial and ethnic make-up, immigrant community, and neighborhood served.