Insights to Impact Report 2018

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That’s the question—the core challenge—that drives the work of Brooklyn Community Foundation.
This annual report gives our answer: through investments in dynamic grassroots organizations and fearless creative leadership.
These are the keys to developing the infrastructure and leadership required to create positive social change in our local communities and across our country.
We believe this approach will yield a more fair and just future for Brooklyn, and can also serve as a model for achieving change far beyond our city.
While it’s easy to feel discouraged and hopeless at this moment of intense national discord and disruption, I encourage you to take a careful look around. I promise that you’ll find hope and inspiration right in your own backyard. 
Brooklyn is agitating. Brooklyn is resisting. Brooklyn is forging a new way forward.
Our partners and supporters have played a critical part.
In the past year, many of you have answered a call to action unlike any other in recent history, by standing up for racial and social justice, for immigrant rights, and for youth-led movements, in unprecedented ways.
Because of you, we deployed more than $5 million to fuel the inspiring and tireless efforts of frontline nonprofits, and to lift up the local leaders building movements and spearheading activism.
Thanks to your generosity, our shared vision of a fair and just Brooklyn is not just a dream—it is a certainty, so long as we continue to join together to invest in and support those who are leading the way. Together, we spark change.
Cecilia Clarke
President & CEO

Table of Contents

Brooklyn by the Numbers

Immigrant Rights Fund

Who Decides? Participatory Grantmaking in Action

Invest in Youth

Brooklyn Restorative Justice Project

Spark Prize for Brooklyn Nonprofits

Giving in Brooklyn

Our Partners

Our Donors

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ABC Studios - Group Therapy
Lucy Adams
Reena Agrawal and Anjan Sahni
Priya and Jai Agrawal
Alexandra Alger
Myra Al-Rahim
Elizabeth Andrews
Atlantic Philanthropies 
  Employee Designated Gift Fund
Jessika and Jonathan Auerbach
Bonnie August
  and John Mogulescu
Isabelle Autones and Francis
David Badal
Helene Banks and Michael Cioffi
BDT & Company
Tamara and Gregory Belinfanti
Alan Beller
Valerie Berlin
Therese Bernbach
Adele Bernhard and Peter Neufeld
Martha Berry and Curtis Cravens
Allegra Blackburn Dwyer
  and John O’Neill
John Born
Jaclyn Brilliant and Anthony Jenks
Bert Brodsky
Brooklyn Hospital Foundation
Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
Brooklyn Community Services
Julie Buck
Mark Buller
Francesca and Joshua Carson
Robert and Joan Catell
Constance Christensen
Eunu Chun
Cleary Gottlieb Steen
  & Hamilton LLP
Coleman Family
  Charitable Foundation
Marjorie T. and
  William R. Coleman
Continental Grain Foundation
James Cornell
Cathy Cramer
Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School
Crossfit South Brooklyn
Cullen and Dykman LLP
Katharine and Peter Darrow
Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Bill Derrough and
  Alvaro Derrough-Salas
Katharine and Rohit Desai
Laura Dillon
Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust
Rachel Doud and Miles Farmer
Melissa Dougherty
Dunn Development Corp.
Sarah Durham and Craig Winer
Herbert Eilberg
Jennifer and Steven Eisenstadt
Ernst & Young
Nicola and Andrew Fabens
Eliza and Jason Factor
Carolyn Fast and Michael Tiger
Sharon Fay and Maxine Schaffer
David Feinberg
Wendy Feuer
Alan and Judith Fishman
Tom Flaschen
Steven Flax
Lizanne Fontaine
  and Robert Buckholz
Blake and Andrew Foote
Forest City Ratner Companies
Ellen Freudenheim
Paul Fribourg
Claire Galland and Stanford Brent
Dawn-Marie Gentile
Betsy and Larry Gile
Michael Gillespie and Lauren Glant
Amy Glosser and John Lieber
GM Advisory Group, Inc.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Louise Goodsill and
  Martin Auerbach
Anne Gorrissen
Alice and Robin Griffiths
Stephanie and Jay Gromek
Michael Gross
Nicole Gueron and Carter Strickland
Karoly and Henry Gutman
Erika Halstead
Ellen and Scott Hand
Michael Hartman
Gary Hattem and
  Frazier Holloway
Susan Herman and Jeremy Travis
Amy Herzig
Ralph Herzka
High Maintenance HGMT, Inc.
Jared Hiller
Mary Hilles
Rachel Hines and
  Michael Cembalest
Hofstra University
Peter Huelster
Richard Hulbert
F. Paula Ingram
The J.M. Kaplan Fund
Jacob and Valeria
  Langeloth Foundation
Babbie Jacobs
Zul and Melissa Jamal
Sarah James and Stuart Farr
Anne January and Paul Van Horn
JPMorgan Chase
Genevieve Kahr and
  Daniel Freedberg
Julia Kahr
Martha Kamber
Mamie Kanfer Stewart
  and Justin Stewart
Mara and Jason Kanner
Rachel Karliner and Neil Binder
Susan Kath
A Kid Like Jake Productions, Inc
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Michele Kirschbaum
Emily and Michael Kirven
Matthew Klein
David Kramer
Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte
Tracy and Douglas Larson
Virginia Lawrence
Margo Levine and Robert I. Cantor
Jonathan Levitsky
Gwen Libstag
Judith and Jonathan Lief
Elizabeth and Matt Luckett
William M. Lynch
Jennifer Magida
Elizabeth Mallow and Jeremy Robbins
Susan and Kenneth Mandelbaum
Jamie and Marty Markowitz
Mozhan Marno
Leslie Marshall and
  Mauro Premutico
Caroline Marshall
Harsha and Meera Marti
Amani Martin
Jimena Martinez
  and Michael Hirschhorn
Mary J. Hutchins Foundation
Diane and Adam Max
Ciara McCarthy
Pamela and Joseph McCarthy
Depelsha and David McGruder
Melanie and Samuel McKnight
Rebecca Mead
Meeteor LLC
Alison Melick and Duncan Kruse
Noa Meyer and
  Edward Minoff
Richard W. and Barbara Moore
The Morris and Alma
  Shapiro Fund
Joshua Muss
National Grid
Network for Good
The New York Academy
 of Sciences
Erika Nijenhuis
North Star Fund
Jennifer and Sean O’Neal
Andrea Phillips
Abigail Pohlman
  and Kenan Arkan
Karlu Rambhala
Dana Rathkopf and Daniel Hunter
Catherine and John Redpath
Susan and Peter Restler
Richmond County
  Savings Foundation
Susan and William Rifkin
Ronnie and Dean Ringel
Daniel Rocha
Jennifer and Sean Rodgers
Carley Roney and David Liu
Constance and Theodore Roosevelt
Eliza and Jim Rossman
Lisa and Daniel Roth
Robert Rubin
Richard Russo
Ruth Jones Casey Foundation
Constance and John Sargent
Thomas Sauermilch
Anne and Anthony Schlesinger
Nancy Schuh
Gabriel Schwartz
  and Jolie Curtsinger Schwartz
Amarah Sedreddine
Shannon Selden
Wendy and Stephen Shalen
Carla Shen and Christopher Schott
Holly Sidford and John Englund
Hildy Simmons and David Sprafkin
Marla Simpson
Catherine Sloane
Eric Slovin
Joanna and Ian Smith
Patrick Snee
Susan Sommer
  and Stephen Warnke
Kevin Stayton
Diane and Joseph Steinberg
Stop & Stor Charitable Fund
Susannah Taylor and Phil Marriott
TD Bank
Tupper W. Thomas
Aaliyah Thompson
Pat and Ed Travaglianti
Andrew Vickers
Viking Global Foundation, Inc
Rebecca and Michael Voorwinde
Mordecai Walfish
The Warburg Pincus Foundation
Eric Wedel
Earl Weiner
Allison Weisberg
Weissberg Foundation
Claudia and Edward Weissberg
Jonathan Weld
Susan and Neil Whoriskey
Sarah Williams
  and Andrew Kimball
Sally Williams-Allen
  and Wids DeLaCour
Emilie Williams
Daniel Williams
Doug Wingo
Joanne Witty and Eugene Keilin
Ted Wolff
John Wright and Regina Woods
Melanie and Andrew Wright
Rudolph Wynter
Richard Yancey
Allison and Benjamin Yarrow
Barbara and Michael Zimmerman



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