The Doula Program

To support increased and more diverse staffing for outreach, administration, and coordination to make training for end-of-life doula volunteers more diverse, as well as to hire an additional social worker to support its new referring model that recognizes and addresses the unique experiences of Black older adults who are nearing the end of their lives.


To expand support and research for dementia-related care, promote early Alzheimer’s and dementia screenings for older adults (especially Black and Latinx older adults who face a higher dementia risk than their white counterparts), and expand internal services and programs such as their evidence-based peer Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Program.

Breaking Ground

To expand their Aging Services Department that serves clients over the age of 50 who have experienced homelessness, providing wraparound services that include case management, securing housing and entitlements, assessing benefits (Medicaid and SNAP), assisting with applications, and more.

Bloom Again Brooklyn

To support programming that provides older Brooklynites with upcycled flowers on a weekly basis, which requires purchasing and securing refrigerators for flower arrangements, hiring drivers, and buying permanent transportation vehicles.

The YWCA of Brooklyn

To expand aging in place programming for older adults living in YWCA housing, supporting independent living skills, medical needs, and end-of-life preparation for residents, many of whom are women of color that have experienced gender-based violence, racism, homelessness, and poverty.

Heights and Hills

To hire more bilingual staff and expand their caregiver support programming, access to referral and respite services, home visit volunteer program, and older adult center services that holistically promote aging in place and social support to prevent isolation.

CABS Health Network

To support older adults, especially BIPOC, Latinx, and immigrant residents, providing homecare services and training home health aides, expanding access to food and vaccines, raising awareness on scams and abuse, providing education on nutrition and mobility, collaborating with local doctors to track service success and client health outcomes, and more.

Asian American Federation

To support a range of direct services and policy campaigns focused on Asian American older adults, including the creation of a culturally competent, multilingual mental health directory and leading the only advocacy coalition in NY State focused on AAPI older adults.