Student Dream

To support programs for college-bound students of color that provide them with the necessary financial literacy skills to close the racial and economic gap which benefits their white counterparts.

Educational Video Center

To support culturally-responsive documentary film and media arts programs for historically excluded youth who are disengaged with their education by teaching them documentary filmmaking to develop their artistic, critical literacy, and leadership skills.

Court Appointed Special Advocates of New York City (CASA-NYC)

To support the Youth Leadership Council (YLC), a program of currently or formerly in foster care youth that plan advocacy and training activities, advise on policies and practices, and receive ongoing support regarding their own personal and professional development and stability while serving as advisors and ambassadors of CASA-NYC to volunteers and supporters, the broader child welfare/court community, and the general public.

The Black Institute

To conduct research, provide educational opportunities that encourage political awareness and stir public debate, train new leadership, develop initiatives to build wealth and power for Black people and all people of color. The Black Institute will continue its environmental and housing justice work in Black communities across the borough.