How to Be Charitable, from Brooklyn’s Guru of Giving

Cecilia Clarke, CEO of the borough's community foundation, explains why she intensified the group's activism toward social and racial justice


If you believe in the Resistance, you’ll feel a kindred spirit in the Brooklyn Community Foundation. The charity, which raises funds for the borough’s nonprofit groups, is an unabashed crusader for social justice against forces both home-grown and emanating from Washington.

In a changing borough, the group works to alleviate the effects of growing income inequality and gentrification. In the larger arena, it defends the rights of immigrantsand minorities affected by President Trump’s policies, which hit close to home. “Be aware that the lived experience for Brooklynites is very much being impacted by these headlines we’re all reading,” said the foundation’s president and CEO, Cecilia Clarke, in an interview with The Bridge.

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