Doing Good Right Here: Brooklyn Grants Report 2010

Across Brooklyn, high school seniors are readying for an occasion that we hope they remember with a sense of pride for the rest of their lives: Commencement. It’s a day to reflect on the achievements of the past while kicking off the start of a new, exciting chapter.

We are also taking time to look back—on our inaugural grantmaking year as Brooklyn's first community foundation—as we eagerly move ahead towards the next stages of our growth and development.

The “Do Good Right Here: Brooklyn Grants Report 2010” highlights just a few of the dynamic organizations that we made grants to from our five Field of Interest Funds, as well as special initiatives we launched like the Haitian Community Hope & Healing Fund, Brooklyn Greens, and the Central Brooklyn STEM Initiative.

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In our first year, with your generous support, we were able to distribute over $5.1 million to a high achieving  "class" of more than 200 grantees, comprised of the most effective and innovative nonprofits in Brooklyn.

These grants represent the scale and the scope of what we can accomplish. The number of applicants for our next round of grants is even larger—the needs are real and there is so much more that we can do if we continue to pool resources and invest in Brooklyn’s future together!

We encourage you to dig into this report for a view into how your support of the Brooklyn Community Foundation gives you the power to do good for the community you love.

We also ask that you consider continuing your support through a "Commencement" gift in honor of our first grant class, enabling us to Do (even more) Good Right Here.

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Thank you!

Marilyn Gelber

P.S. We’re excited to announce a new way for you to help us increase the number of grants we are able to give each year: Donor Advised Funds, for those seeking a more active role in our grantmaking process.

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