December 21, 2009, Brooklyn, NY—As a culmination to its “Caring Neighbors Holiday Campaign for Kids,” the Brooklyn Community Foundation—the first and only charitable organization of its kind in Brooklyn—will distribute some of the nearly 650 “Caring Neighbors Kits” filled with books, toys and other resources to homeless families and their children at the Flatbush Reformed Church on Tuesday. The kits are the result of the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s effort to increase charitable giving in Brooklyn and bring joy to some families through its first public seasonal fundraising initiative since the organization’s launch in October, 2009. “We have experienced an outpouring of charitable giving since we began this campaign only a few weeks ago,said Marilyn Gelber, president of the Brooklyn Community Foundation. “Folks eager to donate everything from money to their time to dolls to food and drink have called us asking how they could help—not to mention the incredible generosity of our corporate and retail donors, without whom we would not have been able to make this possible,” she said.

To raise awareness of the impact of being homeless, the Brooklyn Community Foundation partnered with the NY Daily News to feature profiles of families and their children throughout the campaign. The Caring Neighbors Kits were assembled by a group of volunteers and distributed by campaign-partner, CAMBA, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit agency that provides services that connect people with opportunities to enhance their quality of life. Other partners/donors include: Capital One, Enchanted Lion Books, Heart of Brooklyn, Heights Kids, the JAR Group, Simon and Schuster, Kappa Books, PowerHouse Books and more.
"We are thrilled that our families are being given this wonderful gift of hope and magic.  When children believe in wishes coming true they grow up to be adults who can inspire others for change," said CAMBA’s Executive Director, Joanne M. Oplustil.
Brooklyn Community Foundation will run campaigns throughout the year to support each of its field of interests: Arts for All, Education and Youth Achievement, Community Development, Caring neighbors and Green Communities to support its mission to improve the lives of people in Brooklyn.
“One of our goals as a community foundation is to tell the stories of exceptional nonprofits throughout the borough working hard to help make Brooklyn and its people stronger. CAMBA is such organization which we have supported over the years—quietly helping some of the thousands of homeless people throughout Brooklyn,” said Gelber.
Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Dutch Reformed Church
890 Flatbush Avenue (at Church)
Visuals: Santa, families picking up Caring Neighbors Kits in an historic church
Brooklyn Community Foundation president available for interviews
Tax-deductible Donations to the Caring Neighbors Holiday Campaign are being collected through 12/31/09
By Mail: 45 Main Street, Suite 409 Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718.722.2300
The Brooklyn Community Foundation is a registered 501c (3) dedicated to improving the lives of people in Brooklyn through grantmaking and by encouraging local giving and community service. The first and only one of its kind in Brooklyn, the Foundation was founded in 2009 to support the borough’s most effective nonprofits in five Fields of Interest: Community Development, Education and Youth achievement, Caring Neighbors, Art for All, and Green Communities. More information can be found at: