UPDATE: Do Gooder Voting

As you may know, the Brooklyn Do Gooder Awards site has experienced some delays due in part to an outpouring of voters logging on to help us recognize Brooklyn’s heroes. To accommodate your incredible spirit and enthusiasm, our developers have implemented an additional system upgrade to help make your voting experience smoother, more straightforward and meaningful. Please use the FAQs below to help make logging on and voting easier.  Thanks again for your participation, patience, and all the amazing good you do for Brooklyn and beyond! 


You can stay updated on the latest through our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Voting has resumed-and is going strong! We are doing our best to continue to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible.


I'm ready to vote for my Do Gooders, but I am getting an “OOPS” message when I go to www.DoGoodRightHere.org site. Why?
This means that your computer has stored images from before our server upgrade this weekend.  You should (1) try closing out of your browser, (2) refreshing the page, and (3) try again. You may also try using another browser. In some instances, you may also need to clear your cache. For more information about clearing your cache, click here,

The nominees look great, but it is taking a while to load up photos of my favorite nominees. Why? Will this continue?  Due to the overwhelming participation in this exciting project, our servers have experienced some 'sluggishness.' Following the recent upgrade, you should see significant improvements to the performance of the site. We also ask your patience while the page loads. There are lots of people trying to vote!

Why am I getting a “WHOOPS” page?
Hopefully, with our server upgrade, you won't see this message. If you do, it simply means that many, many people are logging in at once, and it needs a breather. Please take a few minutes and try again.  We want all your votes to count!

I forgot my password. Can I get a new one?
Yes. You should click the “reset your password” link on the login page and you will be emailed a password quickly. You should change it to one you can easily remember.

I've already created an account, I've clicked Vote and have been prompted to Login, but it's not taking my password. What's happening?
Unfortunately, during our recent system upgrade, several users logins were not recorded. If you have a problem logging in, you may need to re-create your account. To do so, you may use the same or different email address, choose a password, and slide the bar to the right. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

How can I tell if I still have an account?
You will see a message asking you to create an account. You can also try sending yourself your password. If you do not receive an email within minutes then you know that you need to create it again.

How many votes do I have?
You have five votes per day. We encourage you to spread them among some of the amazing nominees across different categories.

With all this moving around, are votes being recorded properly?
Yes, all votes, which are helping determine 20 finalists, are being recorded.  Winners are chosen by a panel of judges once the final votes are tallied and audited.

Once you've got a view of all the great, diverse and amazing nominees up on www.DoGoodRightHere.org, voting is straightforward.

  • You must log on via your Do Gooder profile or Facebook account. If you have not already done so, you must create a user profile with a password. 
  • Browse nominees on the homepage or by clicking the "View More Nominees" link on individual profiles.
  • You can also search for your candidates using the search toolbar by name, category and location.
  • Click on a profile to read more about the nominee
  • Simply click "Vote for this Do Gooder" in the profile, and your vote has been cast!
  • You will receive a pop-up window saying that your vote has been cast and encouraging you to spread the word (which we hope you will do).
  • Take some time to check out other nominees. You have five votes per day, to be used for different candidates in different categories. You will receive a message once you've hit your five.
  • Come back the next day, tell your friends and neighbors, and vote again.

Your devotion to nominees and to Brooklyn is commendable, and we know that the past few days may have been frustrating. We thank you again for your patience and participation in helping us celebrate Brooklyn's outstanding Do Gooders. There are nearly 250 amazing nominees, so please, take a look at as many nominees as you can, and spread your votes! We also hope to meet you at the Brooklyn Does Good Event on November 3, where we can ALL celebrate Brooklyn together.