140 Ways You're Making Brooklyn Better

June 29, 2012

Coney Island boardwalk fireworks (image courtesy of asterix611/Flickr)

In January we put out a request to Brooklyn’s nonprofit community: send us your big ideas, your unique approaches, your proven-effective programsdesigned to make our borough a better home for all.

We’ve been making grants to Brooklyn’s nonprofit community for a very long time, and we thought we’d seen it all. But even we were stunned.

We received the largest number of requests for support in our history, with many coming from young organizations sprouted at this unique moment in Brooklyn, in addition to the groups and institutions who have been serving our neighborhoods for decades.

The excitement and vision our borough’s nonprofit leaders have for strengthening our communities and improving lives is inspiring and gives us great hope that, together, we will make significant steps in achieving our mission to tackle Brooklyn’s biggest challenges.

Yet, from the start, we knew we were facing our most difficult review process yet. We simply could not fund every great idea, every worthy endeavor. We are stringent in our selection process, to ensure the proper stewardship of our donors’ investment. But of the hundreds of requests, we were overwhelmed by just how much great work is happening in Brooklyn, and how much more could be done.

It’s a strong argument for growing our support, which can only be done by growing our donor community.

Next week, we will announce our 2012 grants. We are deeply proud of the programs and projects we were able to fund, and can’t wait to share them with you.

They represent nearly 140 ways you are helping make the Brooklyn you love even better.

Over the subsequent weeks, we’ll take a deeper look at why we selected each project, and how in sum, they demonstrate the importance and impact of local, grassroots giving.

Stay tuned for the big news, and be sure to share the impressive list with your Brooklyn friends and neighbors. Tell them to get involved, add their support, and spread the word about this exciting philanthropic undertaking we’re creating together in Brooklyn—so that next year, we can do even more good, right here. 

What's "Good" in Brooklyn

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