The Things You're Grateful for this Holiday

December 3, 2013


Dear Friend,

Access to good food, healthcare, and education. Family, friends, neighbors. A strong and supportive community. Chances are these are the things you’re grateful for this holiday season.

But what if you suddenly found it difficult to put food on the table each night? To find a safe, affordable place to live, or a well paying job to go to in the morning?

In times of need, we all want a community that will support and help us find solutions to life’s challenges. That’s why Brooklyn Community Foundation exists: to match needs with resources so that our community can prosper. Your donation can help make that happen.

Last year, thousands of Brooklyn families found themselves in dire need as they dealt with the devastating aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. In the small waterfront community of Gerritsen Beach, storm surge waters flooded nearly all 2,000 homes. Families were left with very little: no heat, no electricity, and no clear pathway to recovery.

However, through the Foundation’s Brooklyn Recovery Fund, supported by thousands of donors like you, we were able to galvanize this community’s resources—close-knit neighbors, an active volunteer fire department, a deep sense of civic pride—while infusing the neighborhood with much-needed funding and nonprofit assistance to take on the task of rebuilding Gerritsen Beach. We replicated this approach across Brooklyn’s coastal communities, fueling the collaborative efforts of residents and small businesses.

Today, 75% of Gerritsen Beach families are back in their homes, a figure that reflects both the success of our work, as well as the immense challenges Brooklyn still faces in the wake of Sandy.

As we saw clearly, Sandy caused families who were already living on the brink to lose everything. Each day, in communities across Brooklyn, families are in crisis. In a borough of 2.6 million people, nearly 50% of residents are living in or near poverty. It doesn’t take a storm to lose a home or job.

But as Sandy proved, we, as a borough and as a foundation, have the resources to help. When united by an urgent need, we can accomplish so much. We hope you feel this sense of urgency on behalf of your neighbors, and see the critical role you can play in igniting their solutions.

We need you to invest with us, give with us, and learn with us to take on Brooklyn’s challenges. 

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution this holiday season.

Together, we can build a strong and supportive community so everyone can share in the prosperity of Brooklyn.




Cecilia C. Clarke                                                                 Alan H. Fishman
President & CEO                                                                 Chairman


P.S.  Today is Giving Tuesday, a new national movement to encourage charitable giving and service during the holiday season. We encourage you to celebrate Brooklyn and the many things you’re thankful for in our communities by taking action today. Give time or give money—and give locally to support stronger communities for all in Brooklyn.