Spark Prize Manifesto

Here’s to the changemakers, the catalysts, the igniters, those who never say never.

Here’s to celebrating what works here, in Brooklyn, and to great ideas that started here, in Brooklyn.

Here’s to creating solutions together that harness the diversity, courage, and creativity of three million people across 70 neighborhoods.

Brooklyn is more than New York City’s largest borough. With urban farms and community gardens, performance halls and street parades, murals and museums, mosques and temples, brownstones and boardwalks—it’s the proudest and the boldest.

From Bay Ridge to Brownsville, Gravesend to Greenpoint, Brooklyn is (and always has been) home to the most electric do-ers, artists, activists, advocates, educators, innovators, and trailblazers anywhere, from everywhere.

You are the SPARK that lights up Brooklyn for all the world to see. A spark that starts movements, kindles collaboration, incites bold new ideas.

This is your moment to share the hurdles you’ve overcome, the justice you’ve won, and the future you envision.

This is your moment to show how community can come together to lead Brooklyn forward.

This is your moment to shine.